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Shoe & Cleat Set-up £45

Words by De Ver Cycles on 10/12/2018 23:41:49


A full set up of your cleats. We will also check for any forefoot tilt/pronation to determine if any angled wedges are needed between your cleat and shoe. Approximately 96% of the population has what is known as a forefoot tilt. This is where the front of your foot is not flat but rather has an angle or tilt. Modern clip-in pedal systems do not accommodate this tilt, instead forcing the foot into an unnatural flat position. The body compensates for this with a lateral (side to side) motion of the knee during the pedal cycle. The result of increased lateral knee movement over time will cause pain and injury in the knee and any of the above symptoms.

The Proces

There are two basic things to sort out when it comes to setting up your cleats: the angle of the cleat on the sole of your shoe, and its fore-aft position. Finding the correct angle is your first job whether you’re just starting out with your first pair of clipless pedals or you’re an experienced rider setting up a new pair of shoes and pedals.




We will also take into account any goals or aspirations you may have whether it be cycling Ride 100, triathlon, cycling up Ventoux or riding your first sportive.


Your technician will want to know about your injury history and any discomfort you experience on the bike. We will be looking in detail as to how aspects of the bike’s current setup that could cause pain or discomfort including if you are migrating from another sport altogether.


  • Feet measurement: length, arch length and width of each foot

  • Forefoot valgus and varus check

  • Knee abduction and adduction check