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Apex Bike Fit

Words by De Ver Cycles on 03/12/2018 12:16:31


Apex Bike Fit  £195

Our most popular session. Allow 2-3 hours one to one with our fit technician. Determine your optimum road, commute or tri position on our precision Apex fitting rig. Range of motion test, analysis of shoes & cleats, through to full body position know as FMS (FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT SCREENING).

The Process


The Apex Fit System comprises of a fully automated fitting rig and functional movement screening. This system is the most advanced, revolutionary bike fitting and cycle coaching system in the world. The Apex Bike Fit is the only bike fitting system on the market to quantify a riders' position in terms of power and efficiency, as well as consider the riders' neurological and biomechanical function.



We will also take into account any goals or aspirations you may have whether it be cycling Ride 100, triathlon, cycling up Ventoux or riding your first sportive.


Your technician will want to know about your injury history and any discomfort you experience on the bike. We will be looking in detail as to how aspects of the bike’s current setup that could cause pain or discomfort including if you are migrating from another sport altogether.


  • Personal Measurement: height, inside leg and shoulder width

  • Your inseam will be measured to give a rough idea of saddle height and frame size

  • Your shoulder width will be measured to ensure your handlebars are the correct width.

  • Standing Posture evaluation, checking shoulders and anterior posterior pelvic and spinal posture check

  • Knee abduction and adduction check

  • Feet measurement: length, arch length and width of each foot


Range Of Motion

Not everyone has the same flexibility needs or flexibility potential. Our flexibility potential is affected by genetics, gender, age, lifestyle, medical history, occupation, and, of course, type and level of physical activity. We will assess the flexibility in the hamstrings and gluteal muscles as well as checking for mobility around the hip including assessment for any leg length discrepancies.

The Apex Functional Movement Assessment (AFMA)


Prior to the fit, the client completes 6 exercises that finds the client's biomechanical fingerprint. ths results highlight strengths and weaknesses in their body, giving very clear indicators to the bike fitter how the rider is likely to react to any adjustments.


  • deep squat

  • inline lunge

  • standing active leg raise

  • 1 leg seated to a standing position

  • standing leg raise

  • press up and hold

More importantly, it creates a specific training program for the rider to enable greater gains in the future. Follow ups at 2-3 weeks, 6-8 weeks & 12 weeks – free of charge.

Cleat position/foot/arch-shape

The most vital interface for power and comfort - In cycling the leg's kinetic chain is closed by the pelvis/saddle contact at one end and by the shoe/pedal interface at the other. Your technician will devote a large part of the session aligning and balancing your foot/cleat position.

Bike Measurements before fit and after fit

  • saddle height

  • bar differential

  • reach

  • layback

  • crank length

  • bar width

  • etc


Book a Bike Fit - Email: [email protected] or Tel: +(44) 0208 6796197