Part Exchange

Words by De Ver Cycles

on 10/12/2018 18:23:41

Why Part-Exchange?

We have worked hard to find a simple and safe solution, which combines a fair price with security, confidentiality and ease-of-use.

Advantages in comparison to auction sites:

  • No advertising fees

  • No fees for payment processing

  • No more waiting around for viewers/buyers who may never turn up

  • No worrying about payments clearing

  • No buyers with unrealistic expectations

  • No bombardment with emails and phone calls

  • No need to broadcast your belongings or contact details online

  • No strangers visiting your home to inspect or collect

You will deal direct with us here at De Ver Cycles, as part of your purchase, and benefit from our customary levels of service and attention to detail. We handle the whole process - all you need to do is provide the bike! We then work with carefully selected partners to ensure we can offer you the best possible price.

How does it work?

When talking to us about a new bike purchase, whether in-store, online or by phone, simply mention that you are interested in part-exchanging your current bike.

We'll usually be able to let you know straight away whether it is one that we can accept, and after taking a few details will be able to give you an estimated value within a couple of days.

If the estimate is of interest and you wish to proceed we will need to see the bike "in person". After placing a deposit on your new bike purchase, simply drop your current bike in to our store (please call us in advance so we know when to expect you).

Once we’ve seen the bike we’ll be able to confirm the condition and specification, and give you a final, confirmed quotation


What do you need in order to give me a quote?

For an initial estimate we'll need to know the make, model and age of your bike, along with any additions or changes (such as upgraded wheels). If you can provide photos of the bike this will help ensure a more accurate valuation, but if this is not possible please just note any marks, blemishes or wear.
When you pay the deposit on your new bike we can take in your old bike for a full, confirmed quotation.

Do I need to bring my bike into the store?

Not for an initial estimate. We can give an estimated part-exchange value based on your description of the bike. If you are happy to proceed a final, firm quote will be given once we've seen the bike and had an opportunity to inspect it.

How long does it take to get a quote?
Usually just a couple of working days for an initial estimate - we will talk to a number of our partners to ensure you get the best deal. If you are happy to proceed we will need to see the bike, and can then usually give a confirmed quote within 24 hours.

Do you buy bikes outright?

No, we only take bikes in part-exchange against the purchase of a new bike from De Ver Cycles.

Do De Ver Cycles take a percentage of the part-exchange value?
Absolutely not! We pass the full value of the part-exchange on to you - the only benefit to us is in keeping our customers happy and of course the resulting new bike sales.

What kind of bikes do you take in part-exchange?
We are interested in good quality road, triathlon, cyclocross and track bikes. Generally we are not able to accept bikes with an original selling price of less than £2000.

Do I need to clean and/or service my bike before trade-in?

The cleaner your bike is, the easier it is for us to inspect the condition. So we do recommend that it is reasonably clean to ensure you receive the best price possible. Similarly, a well maintained and serviced bike will command a higher price. So although a fresh service is not essential, if you’ve not had it serviced recently we’d recommend booking it in for a quick trip through our workshop first to make sure everything is working well.
A well maintained and cared for bike will always command a higher price, so please do bring us copies of any service history you might have (of course if you’ve been bringing it to us for service we already know it’s been well looked after!).

Are you interested in accessories too?

We do not take shoes, clothing, bags, lights, etc in part-exchange. Good quality tri-bars, carbon bottle cages, etc will be taken into consideration when generating your quote. We may also be able to accept an additional high quality wheelset, subject to condition.

Can I trade-in more than one bike at a time?
Possibly, but the total value of your trade-in must be less than that of your purchase. We look at each case on an individual basis.

Where will my bike end up?

We work with a number of select partners who resell the bikes we take in part-exchange. At De Ver Cycles we only sell new bikes, so you won't see your old bike in our shop.


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