Welcome to De Ver Cycles Ltd

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on 13/01/2019 08:34:48

Hello and welcome to our blog page. I thought I would start with a brief history of the shop, and what we are about. The business was started in 1977 by Peter Verleysdonk. The name De Ver, is a shortening of his name. Peter was an Australian Pro Cyclist, who came to Europe in 1974 to break into.... More

Bicycle repairs

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on 11/12/2018 10:58:39

REPAIRS Our bike servicing and repair mechanics are professionally trained and industry certified to work on all makes and models of bicycles, not just the ones we sell. And each member of the service team participates in skill-advancement sessions with factory service technicians several times each year. Whether it’s a minor tune-up or a major.... More

Shoe & Cleat Set-up £45

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on 10/12/2018 23:41:49

A full set up of your cleats. We will also check for any forefoot tilt/pronation to determine if any angled wedges are needed between your cleat and shoe. Approximately 96% of the population has what is known as a forefoot tilt. This is where the front of your foot is not flat but rather has an angle or.... More

Standard Bike Fit £120

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on 10/12/2018 23:33:50

You will spend approximately 1 1/2 hours with our fit technicians. Bring your existing bike to have a full assessment of your optimal bike position whilst on our turbo trainer. Your shoes and cleats will be adjusted for maximum power, efficiency, and injury prevention.  The Proces Anyone can benefit from a bike fit, but we.... More

Part Exchange

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on 10/12/2018 18:23:41

Why Part-Exchange? We have worked hard to find a simple and safe solution, which combines a fair price with security, confidentiality and ease-of-use. Advantages in comparison to auction sites: No advertising fees No fees for payment.... More